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Adam is a corporate attorney who works with emerging companies in the Silicon Valley.


Adam is THE expert on how to use social media strategically to build an online brand and for collegiate and post-collegiate success. Adam consults with professional athletes on how to leverage their platform for social change. He is a dynamic, sought-after speaker on a variety of social media topics. 


Adam coaches a top-10 ranked (CA-CCS) high school football team and, in the off-season he coaches Nike The Opening: Finals. He teaches life skills and instills positive values with his players and team.




Covers Topics Including: 

  • How Student-Athletes SHOULD Use Social Media
  • How Athletics Directors And Coaches Should Monitor Their Student-Athletes Social Media Use
  • How Athletics Directors And Coaches Should Navigate A Social Media Disaster And Prevent The Next One
  • How To Build A Personal Sports Brand Online
  • How To Boost Your Resume And Network On Social Media

    AND MORE...

What Student-Athletes Want To Learn

Student-Athletes And Social Media: Materials, Notes, And Guidelines

This instructive guide is full of real-world examples and actionable tips that teach student-athletes how to use social media to benefit their athletic and post-athletic careers. It educates the next generation of athletes about social media branding, how "being social" can be used for business networking, the ways in which shared content can benefit the community, and more.

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Adam S. Juratovac is a former student-athlete and a social media educator and coach. He is the founder of AthletesLTD, a platform that allows athletes to share their stories for the benefit of their communities. He has worked with over 100 professional athletes to help them use social media to establish and leverage their personal brands leading to successful brand partnerships. Adam is committed to the betterment of student-athletes by teaching them life skills to help them build successful post-athletic careers.

The Arena Bowl XXIII and 2009 Humanitarian Bowl Champion has been published on various outlets such as: The Huffington Post, Adweek, and Sports Techie on topics including social media, branding, sports tech, and athletes’ rights.

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